Qyrr – simply and modern QR-Code creation


Qyrr is a simple yet powerful solution to create and manage QR-Codes.
It use a simple interface to create and design your QR-Codes with:

  • custom colors
  • configurable quiet zone and corner radius
  • cutom label
  • custom logo
  • Google Font support

How to use

Create highly-customized QR Codes directly in WordPress.

Qyrr offers a huge variety of style options to make the QR Code truly your own.

Change colors, and labels, modify the quiet zone and error handling levels, and more. All you would expect from a professional QR Code tool.

You can also upload your own logo, change the positioning or add a custom label with integrated Google Fonts support.

Use the included shortcode or the integrated Gutenberg Block to display your QR-Codes directly on your website.

Manage large sets of QR Codes with campains to get a better overview of your current marketing projects.

Your QR-Codes will be saved and converted as a data URI, so the shortcode does not depent on ANY styles and scripts which may could slow down your website otherwise.

It’s simply the most performance-oriented QR-Code plugin on the entire market.

Qyrr Pro

Qyrr Pro extends the plugin with a variety of awesome features

Different types of QR Codes

While the free version offers support for Pages/Posts and external URLs, Qyrr Pro goes beyond that and offers 8 additional QR Code types:

  • Text
  • E-Mail
  • Phone Number
  • SMS
  • WhatsApp Message
  • Geolocation
  • WiFi
  • vCards

Export Formats

The free version only offers exporting QR Codes as PNG, Qyrr Pro extends this so that you can export SVG files from your QR-Code.

Bulk Generate and Download

Qyrr Pro includes a bulk generation tool to quicky generate thousands of QR Codes based on an existing template.

You can choose to add different source line by line or use an automatically generated unique ID to generate QR Codes that can be tracked individually.

You can also use the integrated bulk action to download a all or some of your QR Codes in one run.
Qyrr automatically zips all selected QR Codes and provides a ZIP file as a download.

Dynamic QR Codes

Qyrr Pro allows the creation of dynamic QR Codes. You can change the target of the QR Code later without modifing the QR Code itself.

That’s great if you want to set a new URL for your QR Code but you don’t want to create new QR Codes.

It also allows you to track the scans/clicks of your QR Code right from your admin area.

Get it now on patrickposner.dev/qyrr/


The free support is exclusively limited to the wordpress.org support forum.


Qyrr is coded with modern PHP and WordPress standards in mind. It’s fully OOP coded. It’s highly extendable for developers through several action and filter hooks.

Qyrr has your website performance in mind – every script and style is minified and loaded conditionally.


Qyrr is completly translatable with WPML and Polylang.
Simply use the language switcher and translate all settings.


  • QR Code creation
  • QR Code dashboard


This plugin provides 2 blocks.

  • QR Code A powerful QR Code block.
  • QR Code Selector Select a QR code.


Default Method

  1. Go to Settings > Plugins in your administrator panel.
  2. Click Add New
  3. Search for Qr
  4. Click install.

Easy Method

  1. Download the zip file.
  2. Login to your Dashboard
  3. Open your plugins bar and click Add New
  4. Click the upload tab
  5. Choose qyrr from your downloads folder
  6. Click Install Now
  7. All done, now just activate the plugin
  8. Go to QR-Codes and create one.

Old Method

  1. Upload qyrr to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


نوومبر 13, 2022
Latest update just erased all the qr codes, now I have nothing and the qr codes were printed for distribution and now lost money? Not sure what on earth happened, Please help this is very serious issue for business image beyond just loss of money.
اکتوبر 7, 2022 3 replies
I've had this plugin installed since an earlier version that worked just fine. This latest set of updates since v1 has broken its use and therefore its usefulness. I do not recommend it.
اپریل 29, 2021
I needed a smart QR-code-plugin and I found it here. Easy to use and pretty intuitive ... I'm a fan of the author and his work. Thumbs up!
اپریل 7, 2021
I found this plugin under a lot of potential qr-code-generator-plugins. After trying "qr code woocommerce" (install problems) and "kaya qr code generator" (update problems) this one here works without any problems on my site (free version) ... so, I want to leave a 5-star rating and say "thank you"!
اپریل 2, 2021
Great Tool for easy QR-Code generation. All the features (logo, size, error correction...) feels like a pro version. Thanks for this great plugin.
فبروري 6, 2021
This QR-code-plugin is proper working and it seems being programmed as minimalistic as possible. I like the way the author is creating his plugins and will come back for sure if I have another need for the plugins he provides. Thank you very much! 5-stars!
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Contributors & Developers

“Qyrr – simply and modern QR-Code creation” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • fixed rerender if using dynamic QR Codes
  • updated dependencies


  • added a hint where to edit the QR Code (by clicking on the code)


  • fixed preview generation with cache busting
  • removed cache busting from original QR Codes


  • fixed missing meta field for external URL
  • transparent background/fill color as option
  • npm packages updated


  • cache-compatible QR Codes in selector block
  • improved QR codes with logos by auto-setting better defaults
  • fixed block icon svg files
  • fixed QR code source if page/post but not dynamic QR Code is activated


  • improved QR Code preview with cache busting
  • improved block.json icons


  • force Gutenberg for editing CPT “qr”


  • reworked with ReactJS
  • Block Editor for QR Code creation with live preview/generation
  • React for admin settings (import/export/reset settings)
  • Google Fonts API integration with key (required now)
  • Bulk generation (pro-only)
  • SVG generation and download (pro-only)
  • basic tracking implementation (pro-only)
  • dynamic QR-Codes (pro-only)


  • removed freemius
  • default size for QR code
  • WP 5.9 compatibility


  • improved security
  • removed placeholder for width
  • implement correct noce checkup for ajax


  • latest freemius sdk
  • dependency updates for qr code
  • admin color picker bugfix


  • Initial release