Cision Block


This plugin is developed by Cyclonecode and can be used to load and expose press releases made by Cision.

To start pulling feed items from cision you first need to add the unique identifier for you json feed at the configuration page for the plugin.
You can also change how many feed items to pull, type of feed items, enable pagination, configure caching and much more.

If you have questions or perhaps some idea on things that should be added you can also try slack.

Pro Version

There is a PRO version of this plugin, which includes extended features. For instance:

★ Support to fetch entire feed and not only the last 100 entries.
★ Custom post types. Creates a post for each item in WordPress. This means that all news have standard WordPress links.
★ Manually created posts can be added to the feed.
★ Custom taxonomies for categories and tags fetched from Cision.
★ Use standard article template from your active theme.
★ Support to create, update and delete posts based on PUSH events sent from Cision.
★ Support to create, update and delete posts during CRON at configurable intervals.
★ Subscription module.
★ Ticker module.
★ Shareholder module.
★ Calendar module.
★ Media module.
★ Insider module.
★ Use normal or ajax based load more button for pagination.
★ Annual free support and quicker response times.
★ Discount for multisite licenses.

I usually have an initial meeting where I talk about the plugin, explain the different features and answer any questions.

A demo site showing some of the modules can be found here.

There is also a backlog with features yet to be implemented on github, some of the tasks in the list includes:

  • Pin feed items to top of list.
  • Import and export settings between environments.
  • Graph module.
  • Slideshow.
  • Preview functionality.
  • Disclaimer support.
  • Support for multiple templates.
  • Display estimated reading time for each feed item.
  • And much, much more.

To get more information about the Pro version, send me an email at or give me a call at +(46)-791026643.

Looking for help

I am currently in the search for someone who would like to help me with something of the following:

  • Create a dashboard icon which can be used in the admin menu.
  • Create a banner that would be displayed on the plugins homepage at
  • Design a nicer and more intuitive admin interface.
  • Create a solid looking icon that can be used on multiple places.

If you would like to help with anything of the above, please do not hesitate and contact me either on slack or by email.


I am looking for developers that would be interested in contributing to either the free or premium version of the plugin.

Would be great just to get some ideas and input from others who have some experience in WordPress plugin development.

At this point I am pretty much on my own, which will sometimes result in me just thinking around some issues in my own way; here I think it would be awesome to have others to talk to and collaborate.

If you think this sounds interesting, please drop me an email or ping me on Slack.


You can display a feed in any sidebar by adding and configure a widget.


The shortcode [cision-block] can either be used by adding it to the content field of any post or by using the do_shortcode function in one of your templates.

Shortcode attributes:

  • id
    Assign a specific name for a block.

  • source_uid
    A unique feed identifier.

  • language
    The language code for each feed item. For example ‘en’ for english.

  • date_format
    The date format to use.

  • readmore
    The readmore button text.

  • count
    The maximum number of items to include in the feed.

  • view
    This states what kind of items to include:
    1 – include both regulatory and non-regulatory items.
    2 – include only regulatory items.
    3 – include only non-regulatory items.

  • start
    Sets the start date for the feed items. The format to use is 2016-12-31.

  • end
    Sets the end date for the feed items. The format to use is 2016-12-31.

  • mark_regulatory
    Emphasis if a release if regulatory or non-regulatory.

  • regulatory_text
    Text to display for regulatory items.

  • non_regulatory_text
    Text to display for non-regulatory items.

  • show_filters
    Enable filtering of feed items.

  • filter_all_text
    Button text for ‘all’ filter.

  • filter_regulatory_text
    Button text for ‘regulatory’ filter.

  • filter_non_regulatory_text
    Button text for ‘non-regulatory’ filter.

  • items_per_page
    Sets the number of feed items to display on each page.

  • tags
    Only press releases with the specified tag will be included. Multiple tags can be separated with a comma.

  • categories
    Only press releases that has one or more of the specified categories will be included. Multiple categories can be separated with a comma.

  • types
    Only press releases of the specified types will be included.

  • image_style
    The image style to use:

    • DownloadUrl
    • UrlTo100x100ArResized
    • UrlTo200x200ArResized
    • UrlTo400x400ArResized
    • UrlTo800x800ArResized
    • UrlTo100x100Thumbnail
    • UrlTo200x200Thumbnail
  • show_excerpt
    Display excerpt for each feed item.

  • template
    Template file to use. If no template is set in settings and this parameter is not set then cision-block.php in either the active
    theme or in the plugin will be used as a default.
    You can either use the name of the template as given in the template header e.g ‘Foo’ or the actual filename e.g foo.php.

  • flush
    Clears the cache for the block.

Here is an example using all of the above attributes:

[cision-block id=example_block source_uid=A275C0BF733048FFAE9126ACA64DD08F language=sv date_format=m-d-Y readmore="Read more" show_excerpt=0 view=1 count=6 items_per_page=2 tags="cision,company" categories="New Year,Summer camp" types="PRM, RDV" start=2016-01-12 end=2019-06-12 image_style=UrlTo400x400ArResized mark_regulatory=1 regulatory_text=Regulatory non_regulatory_text=*none* show_filters=1 filter_all_text=*none* filter_regulatory_text=Regulatory filter_non_regulatory_text=Non-regulatory template=foo.php flush=true]

Notice that all shortcode attributes are optional and that they must be on a single line.
Default values is taken from the plugins settings page.

Here is a complete list of the different kind of pressreleases:

  • KMK – Annual Financial statement
  • RDV – Annual Report
  • PRM – Company Announcement
  • RPT – Interim Report
  • INB – Invitation
  • NBR – Newsletter

More than one block in a page

To use more than one block in a single page you will need to set a unique id for each block or else they will both share the same cache entry.

Filter and marking feed items

On the ‘Filters’ tab you can enable filtering on you feed and add a text for the different kind of filters or use the default ones.
If for some reason you would like to hide a specific filter button you can enter the special value *none* in the corresponding text field.

You can add a text for each feed item stating if it is regulatory or not by checking the ‘Mark regulatory’ checkbox in the settings page.
If you wish to hide the text for regulatory or non-regulatory releases you can use the special value *none* in the corresponding text field.


The template used to render the feed is cision-block/templates/cision-block.php, you can override
this template by copying it to either the root or under a templates folder in your theme.

You can also select a specific template which will be used to render the feed under the plugins settings page.
To create a new template, you can follow the steps as described in this link: Page Templates:

For instance adding a file with the following header comment would create a new ‘Foo’ template:

 * Template name: Foo
 * Template Post Type: cision-block-post
 * Template used to display a feed from Cision.

Display single press releases in WordPress

Since version 2.0.0 it is possible to fetch and display press releases directly from within WordPress.
The template used in this case is cision-block/templates/cision-block-post.php, you can override
this template by copying it to either the root or under a templates folder in your theme.

The $CisionItem feed object that is available in the template contains all raw data fetched from Cision.
Under the Resources section there is a link that explains all the different fields that is available.
For example if you use the $CisionItem->HtmlBody to display content from the feed item you might have to add custom
css since this contains pre formated html which may include inline css and so on.


By default only the following fields are collected for each feed item:

  • Title
  • Intro
  • Body
  • PublishDate
  • CisionWireUrl
  • IsRegulatory
  • Images[0]
    • DownloadUrl
    • Description


Add more fields to each feed item:

add_filter('cision_map_source_item', function($item, $data, $block_id) {
  $item['Header'] = sanitize_text_field($data->Header);
  $item['LogoUrl'] = esc_url_raw($data->LogoUrl);
  $item['SocialMediaPitch'] = sanitize_text_field($data->SocialMediaPitch);

  return $item;
}, 10, 3);

Customize the sorting of the feed items:

add_filter('cision_block_sort', function($items, $block_id) {
  usort($items, function($a, $b) {
    return $a->PublishDate > $b->PublishDate;

  return $items;
}, 10, 2);

Add custom attributes to the pager:

add_filter('cision_block_pager_attributes', function(array $attributes, $block_id) {
  return array_merge(
      'class' => 'custom-class',
      'id' => 'custom-id',
}, 10, 2);

Set a custom class for active pager item:

add_filter('cision_block_pager_active_class', function($class, $block_id) {
  return 'custom-class';
}, 10, 2);

To add attributes to the section wrapper in the template:

add_filter('cision_block_wrapper_attributes', function(array $attributes, $block_id) {
  return array(
    'class' => array(
}, 10, 2);

To add attributes to the article wrapper in the template:

add_filter('cision_block_media_attributes', function(array $attributes, $block_id) {
  return array(
    'class' => array(
}, 10, 2);

Add a prefix that will be displayed at the start of the wrapper:

add_filter('cision_block_prefix', function($prefix, $block_id) {
  return '<h1>Prefix</h1>';
}, 10, 2);

Add a suffix that will be displayed at the end of the wrapper:

add_filter('cision_block_suffix', function($suffix, $block_id) {
  return '<h1>Suffix</h1>';
}, 10, 2);


A complete list of fields can be found at:

The following Feed identifier can be used for testing: A275C0BF733048FFAE9126ACA64DD08F


If you have any ideas for improvements, don’t hesitate to email me at or send me a message on slack.


If you run into any trouble, don’t hesitate to add a new topic under the support section:

You can also try contacting me on slack.


  • A feed from cision with a pager at the bottom.
  • Settings form.
  • A single press release displayed in Wordpress.
  • Ticker module. Available in the Pro version.
  • Subscription module. Available in the Pro version.
  • Shareholder module. Available in the Pro version.
  • Insider module. Available in the Pro version.


  1. Upload cision block to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory,
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  3. Add your feed identifier and configure the plugin at /wp-admin/options-general.php?page=cision-block in WordPress.
  4. You can then add either a shortcode or setup a widget in order to display the feed.


Can I fetch more than the last 100 news?

You will need to use the Pro version to do this.

How do I get a unique feed identifier?

This is something that Cision will provide you with.
You can contact them at

Possible to have more than 1 identifier?

There is possible to use separate feed identifiers for different blocks by using the
source_uid attribute in the shortcode as in this example:

[cision-block source_uid=A275C0BF733048FFAE9126ACA64DD08F]

Possible to create multiple cision blocks?

Yes it is possible to have multiple blocks by simply adding shortcode arguments for each block.

Can I use normal permalinks for the news?

This is something that is possible using the Pro version, since all news are imported as custom posts into WordPress.


مې 31, 2021
Does what it is supposed to and the support is outstanding.
دسمبر 28, 2020
Killer plugin. Does the job very well, and with the really great support, you just can't lose. Highly recommended!
جنوري 31, 2020
Great plugin - and awesome support. 5+++ stars!
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= 2.9.3

  • Fix bug where settings was not saved during activation.
  • Fix bug that triggered warnings when calling htmlspecialchars_decode().
  • Fix bug in Settings class for removing entries.
  • Remove languages not supported by Cision.