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Electronics Store

By Themescaliber

نسخه: 0.6.8

ورستۍ اوسمهالیز: نوومبر 5, 2022

Active Installations: 300+

PHP Version: 7.2 or higher

ویینې کورپاڼه

Electronics Store is a fine WordPress theme designed for electronics stores, tech stores, electronics markets, mobile shops and gadgets stores, technical marketplace and multivendor shops, digital stores, and any kind of shops that sells electrical appliances. This sophisticated theme is great for any online shopping store or eCommerce store as well. It acts as a multipurpose theme with a clean and user-friendly interface that anyone can easily use for creating a website. Along with beautiful visuals and imagery, it has a responsive layout adjusting the website to every screen. Professional developers have crafted this website with stores and eCommerce in mind. It includes Call to Action Button (CTA) that proves handy in making your website interactive and also plays a significant role in converting your visitors into valued customers. There are stunning CSS animations included in the theme along with clean and secure code. These optimized codes are also made SEO-friendly for obtaining organic traffic for your website. It also results in a faster page load time. With a strong Bootstrap framework being used for creating this theme, it allows easy modifications through personalization options available with the theme options panel. Along with plenty of social media icons, you will also get a mobile-friendly design that runs smoothly on smartphones. Demo:

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