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Auto Car Care

By themespride

دغه بچۍ ویینه ده د Automobile Hub.

نسخه: 0.2.1

ورستۍ اوسمهالیز: اکتوبر 14, 2021

Active Installations: 200+

PHP Version: 5.6 or higher

ویینې کورپاڼه

Auto Car Care is a fabulous and multipurpose theme. It is well sanitized as per WordPress standards. It has a responsive layout which fits beautifully on any device. It is SEO-friendly too that will help your website rank soon on major search engines like Google. The theme is suitable to create website for car listing, auto listing, car dealership, lift trucks, car wash, driving school, travel trailor, Agriculture equipment, aircrafts, ATV, charter planes, motorbikes, motorcycles, scooters, automobile blogger etc. It is also ideal for car repair shops, car wash, garages, mechanic workshops, auto centres, brakes shop, wheel shop and such related websites and small businesses. It is optimized for speed hence it has faster page load times. It is translation ready and supports RTL layout. You can also add shortcodes to it to improve the functionality of your website. It is written with clean and secure codes. It is user-friendly theme with many customization and personalization options. It is implemented on bootstrap framework which makes it really handy to use. With the social media option you can link all your social media pages. The testimonial section let’s your customers and visitors comment and give reviews on your services and items.


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