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The easy way to handle free product sample. Free Product Sample for WooCommerce does one thing, and it does it well. It lets you order product as a product sample.

🛍️ Supercharge Your business with the Free Proudct Sample for WooCommerce.

Capture compelling and real customer by giving capability to order product sample.

🔥 Button for Simple and Variable Product both: Give access to order variable product as a sample.

Pro Features

🔥 Sample Price: Allows you to set sample price for a sample product.

🔥 Shop and Archive Page: It allows you to set the button for the shop and archive pages.

🔥 Disable Capability on Particular Products and Categories: It allows you to disable the button on particular products and categories.

🔥 Shipping & Tax class: It allows you to set shipping & tax classes for the sample products.

🔥 Manage Custom Stock: It allows you to manage custom stock for the sample products. So this will not messup with the original products stock.

Pro Features (UPCOMING)

🎉 Conditonal Price: Allows you to set conditional price for the sample products.

🎉 User role based Price: Allows you to set user role based sample price.

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This Free Product Sample for WooCommerce plugin is brought to you by the team behind TheNextWP, a dedicated platform for WordPress, trusted by lots of happy users.


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This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload the plugin zip file to your plugin directory ‘/wp-content/plugins/’
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to product details and click on Free Product Sample
  4. Configure timezone, start date, end date, stock quantity, maximum quantity for per order and set button label
  5. Save/update product details


Does it work with WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator plugin?

Yes, it will work with WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator plugin.

Does it work with WooCommerce Min/Max Quantities plugin?

Yes, it will work with WooCommerce Min/Max Quantities plugin.

Does it work with Dokan plugin?

Yes, it will work with Dokan.

Does it work with any WordPress theme?

Yes, it will work with any standard WordPress theme.

Does it work whole store?

Yes, it will work for whole store.

Does it work for individual product?

Yes, it will work for individual product.

Can it set sample price for every single products?

Yes, it can set sample price for every single product.


فبروري 20, 2021
This product is amazing! I’ve literally scoured the web for something like this – to the point where I gave up and was making duplicates of products to make a sample of each. Super happy with support team and highly recommend. thank you!
جنوري 23, 2021
Great plugin and beyond support system. I am happy to do work at this plugin
نوومبر 9, 2020
The plugin is very simple and easy to use and i would definitely recommend the pro version. I had some initial issues but the Dev was very helpful and we resolved the issues right away. Excellent customer service and very reliable.
اکتوبر 11, 2020
One of the most reliable dev that I've ever came across. We've been struggling to find a sample products plugin soothing our requirements from a couple of weeks. As we were setting up a multivendor auction marketplace requiring to offer product samples by our vendors for a few categories of products as per the business model. So the sample products plugin was required to have a well established integration not only with woocommerce but with auctions as well as Dokan which we've been using for our marketplace. And as per my research, there have not been even a single plugin in the market having integrations with all of them. I asked Mohiuddin for help and explained him the whole story. He promised me to be back in next two days and he was literally was back in the given time frame with a new upgrade of the plugin. I really appreciate his help and his work ethic. Not many devs know how to value someone's time, that's for sure. Thankyou so much for your help Mohiuddin. Keep it up. I would for sure highly recommend. I would rather say if anyone have got anything to do with product samples, get upto this dev. He will fix that off. Thanks again. Cheers!
اکتوبر 6, 2020
Surprised at other reviews. Plugin was clashing with another plugin (woocommerce measurement pricing calculator). Author spent 3 hrs in communication with me whilst he fixed the issue (and then released an update with the fix), and he also fixed couple of other little bugs. The plugin works perfectly for me now. Other comments about limit doesnt work... it works fine for me... it does allow more than limit at first but when trying to checkout it blocks it. It could do with a msg to go with it to say there is a limit as it just comes up with an error notice bar and a ! But i couldnt be happier. Been searching for months for a solution without it costing me a fortune for custom work... highly recommended
سپتمبر 25, 2020
STAY AWAY from anything this DEV creates. Sample Plugin does not work as expected, "coming soon" advertised features don't happen. Been "working" with Mohiuddin for over 3 months on the conditional pricing. Been told so many times it will be ready "ASAP", "Is ready, just download from account (not there because website is down hosting suspended)", "I need another 2 hours" etc etc . ALL lies and not once, all the time. Pro version crashes site. Redirects answers from forum to his email address which is answered every few weeks if you are one of the "lucky" one, with of course, "coming asap". His own website is down after most updates ( I suppose just in case anyone want to reach him for help) This developer has no understanding what customer service is and does not bellong in tis plugin repository, does not reply to emails with an answer, only generic replies/promises. Worst of all is not being honest with any update progress. All he has to do is be honest in his replies. If I could give a -100 as a review I would.Pity, because this is almost a fantastic plugin that many people require and the devs could make some decent $$$ out of it. Wasted money on the Pro version, he can keep those $$$, cant be bothered emailing any more requests and can see from other reviews a refund simply will not happen. I should back all this up with my original question of a pricing a feature was just a question. It was Moh the Dev (hahah ius that what he is) who immediately offered to add this function in a week or 2. He could easily have said, like so many other REAL devs, its not a feature coming soon or being done. Instead, just another lie. I offered to pay many times for this feature and even advised just to let me know if couldnt be done. Promises promises promises.So easy to just say we are not adding that feature, instead, leaving someone for months, and of course its the end client that gets let down, hence my own business name goes down. STAY AWAY if you want to use it on a website, keep trying to play his game if you enjoy wasting your time, not only yours but your clients too.Eventually you will ned tech support from him and guess what.... it will not hsppen and your site will be broken. Thank you very much Moh, you are one of a kind thinking you can sell a product and offer the worst service in return. Simply not replying or lying to your customers is not how bunsiness is conducted. You have earned a vey well deserve 1 STAR. STAY AWAY 🙁
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Contributors & Developers

“Free Product Sample for WooCommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




Initial version released


Resolved js and css file loading issue


Resolved js and css file loading issue


Added timezone


Fixed timezone empty issue


Fixed variable product issue


Fixed max quantity for variable products


Fixed mini-cart issue
Added Free Sample label with the product name


Remove timezone, start & end date


Changed whole coding structure and business logic


Fixed button space


Fixed button responsive space


Fixed copyright issue and changed function prefix


Remove single-add-to-cart class


Added japanese translation, fix bug for maximum quantity in the order


Fix bug for maximum quantity in the order


Update code for maximum order validation


Comment out print_r


Added disable functionality of the maximum order limit validation


Fix pro lisence issue


Fix maximum order quantity in the cart page


Check product stock and display


Add message menu for to display validation notice


Added add to cart validation


Fix cart total checking


Fix cart total checking


Added WooCommerce Min/Max Quanties plugin compatibility


Fix WooCommerce Min/Max Quanties issue for cart, and checkout page


Add composer functionality


Added composer files


Update language file


Fix variable product validation


Fix variable product validation


Added Smart Product Quantity compatibility


Added new staning admin layout


Fix sidebar missing


Refactor code, fix design issue


Remove Add to cart button common class