Vizaport AI Chat – GPT text, audio and visual bots


Get started with a simple AI chatbot and then customize the AI to intelligently answers questions about your products and services.

Build a custom trained AI model with your products and services

Vizaport AI Chat is a powerful WordPress plugin that brings AI-driven chatbot capabilities to your website. This plugin leverages ChatGPT from OpenAI, or Gemini from Google, allowing users to interact with intelligent chat widgets. Customize the chatbot’s appearance, behavior, and language support to enhance user engagement and provide insightful responses. You choose between OpenAI and Google for the AI model, depending on your requirements.

When you are ready for the next step, visit to learn more about building a custom-trained AI, teaching it anything that you want the AI to answer. Or, upgrade to utilize visual and audio AI features that communicate to users in new and unique ways.

Standard Features

  • Automated human-like conversations
  • Utilizes public Internet data (may be a year old depending on AI model)
  • Chat launcher appears on every page as an icon
  • Chatbot can be customized for text, color and placement

Easy to Get Started with AI

Setup only takes a few minutes. To add your AI chatbot:

  1. Once you have activated this plugin, go to the Vizaport Settings page in your WordPress admin menu.
  2. Select an AI model. If you choose OpenAI ChatGPT, you will need to obtain and add your OpenAI key.
  3. Configure the chatbot by setting options such as prompts, text, colors, size, and placement (optional).
  4. Test the chatbot on your admin page and then publish to your web site.

Google Gemini Option – Free with Limitations

During 2024, Vizaport is offering free access to Google Gemini without the need to obtain a key or pay for Gemini directly. By selecting this option, you understand that you will be limited to 10,000 chat requests per calendar month for free. Additionally, you acknowledge that free access may be revoked at any time and for any reason by Vizaport. Please note that the free option may also entail longer chat response times compared to other options, such as OpenAI.

If you choose the free Google Gemini option, you also consent to Vizaport storing the domain name of your website to track monthly chat requests and validate free access. If you do not agree to these terms for free access, you may opt for the OpenAI model and obtain your own key directly.

For more information on Vizaport’s terms of service, please visit

OpenAI Option – Your OpenAI Key

OpenAI is the platform behind ChatGPT. If you select this option as your AI model, you will need a key from OpenAI before proceeding, unless you have upgraded with Vizaport and have obtained a widget key instead. Go to to obtain the OpenAI key. If you need help to find create a key, see these instructions.

Usage of 3rd Party Service

This plugin utilizes a 3rd party service to provide AI answers to user questions to enhance chat functionality. If you choose the Google Gemini AI model, this plugin communicates with a service endpoint on the Google Cloud Platform that is managed by Vizaport, which communicates with Google Gemini. If you select the OpenAI model, this plugin communicates with the OpenAI API to generate chat completions, using an API key that you must acquire directly from OpenAI.

Google Gemini Service Details:

Please review the terms of use and privacy policy of both Vizaport and Google to understand how your data is handled and transmitted when selecting Gemini as the AI model.

OpenAI Service Details:

Please review the terms of use and privacy policy of OpenAI to understand how your data is handled and transmitted when selecting OpenAI as the AI model.

Chatbot Upgrades

Go beyond standard chatbots and add advanced features.

  • Custom trained AI models on your products and services
  • Answers questions on up-to-date information
  • Supports voice input and output in addition to text
  • Allows handoff to a live person chat if AI cannot answer
  • Analytics dashboard that tracks usage and responses

Visual AI

And when you’re ready for very advanced features, Vizaport’s Visual Widget includes:

  • Natural language queries to plot maps
  • Natural language commands to generate graphs
  • Image viewing and analysis
  • 3D object placement and analysis
  • Plus all the features of the chatbot


  • View of the AI icon when closed on a web page.

  • View of the AI chatbot when opened and with a user question.

  • View of the Vizaport Settings in the WordPress admin panel to configure, test and add the AI chatbot.


  1. Navigate to your WordPress dashboard and go to the Plugins page.
  2. Click on “Add New” at the top of the page.
  3. Search for “Vizaport AI Chat” using the search bar on the right side.
  4. Click “Install Now” to install the plugin.
  5. After installation, click “Activate” to enable the plugin on your site.


How does your AI work?

Our AI engine is built on Google Gemini and OpenAI (the platform for ChatGPT). By default, our AI engine can answer customer questions using public internet data. For increased accuracy, simply load documentation (e.g., pre-sales, operations, support) that your internal teams already use to answer questions. Vizaport will leverage your documents to train the AI engine to provide accurate answers. Note this requires an upgrade.

What if I exceed the 10,000 chats per month with Google Gemini?

Vizaport offers free use for Google Gemini during 2024, for up to 10,000 chats per month, pending availability of Vizaport’s Gemini credits. If you exceed this limit, we suggest switching to OpenAI. Note you will need to acquire and pay for your own OpenAI API key.

How do I install the widget on my web site?

It’s simple. After configuration, just click the Add Widget button in your Vizaport Settings.

How do I train the AI for my products and services?

First, please note that this requires an upgrade. Then, you will be guided through the steps to load documents and web pages to train the AI on your products and services. You can upload various types of structured data (spreadsheets, XML) or unstructured data (documents, PDFs). There are step-by-step instructions to train the AI, preview your widget and then install on your web site.


مارچ 26, 2024
I have tried out a bunch of these AI Chat Bots. Many have this issue or that. I found this one by Vizaport really complete and sleek. Works well out the box! Recommended!
مارچ 25, 2024
Took a couple of minutes to install on my web site and have a ChatGPT powered chatbot. Already had an OpenAI key, so that part was easy. Went back and customized colors and text afterwards. Also straightforward.
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Contributors & Developers

“Vizaport AI Chat – GPT text, audio and visual bots” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • New AI model to support Google Gemini.
  • Introduction of AI Prompt to guide AI to answer questions.


  • Nonce support.


  • New chat widget UI. Fixes for WordPress.


  • Handling clickable link text for various types of links.


  • Resolved issues for WordPress submission.


  • Initial WordPress version.