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Topper System SEO is the most advanced seo friendly optimization system for websites developed with WordPress. Quick and easy to use.
An innovative process allows on each page to enhance and make more effective a keyword you have established.
Pages optimized with the plugin can take advantage of the new CO2 Application service.

Increase page loading speed.
Exponentially increases natural visibility on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex to your favorite keywords.
Increase the level of security with built-in anti-spam that directly affects browsing speed and indirectly affects search engine rankings.
It decreases the level of CO2 produced because the pages are lighter and faster to load. It is suitable for all types of users, from less experienced to SEO professionals.

This complete package include optimization source code, images, resource js and css, effective injection favorite keyword, smart image lazy-load, anti spam service, cache support and CO2 Application.

Topper System SEO provides five distinct services that can be combined with each other

Customize according to your Need.

Optimization of source codes and images

With just one click it is possible to optimize one or more pages while keeping the appearance unchanged to the navigator.
The original source codes are reworked and optimized making the loading faster and the SEO friendly page.
The optimized pages can take advantage of the CO2 Application integrated service.

  • injection and enhancement of an established keyword to be highlighted by search engines
  • cleaning and minification of html tags
  • minification and reallocation of embedded JavaScript resources
  • minimization and reallocation of external JavaScript resources
  • rewriting, minification and reallocation of embedded CSS sheets
  • minification and reallocation of external CSS links
  • rewriting img tags: adding links to dynamically compressed and reduced image copies
  • generation and addition of alt and title attributes to images and hyperlinks
  • adaptation of hyperlinks to seo best practices
  • generation and/or rewriting of title, description, keywords, chartset, author, category, publisher, copyright, revisit-after, robots, lang, canonical, hreflang, preload metadata. It is possible to customize the meta data for each page
  • insertion of a customizable preload effect through a simple css file
  • optimization of the loading of the characters recalled on the page

Each optimized page improves loading times and increases visibility on Search Engines mainly towards the corresponding keyword.

The optimization service of the source codes and images of the public pages of the website is made available in two ways:

  • Annual subscription
    The subscription of a one-year subscription allows you to use the service without any limit.

  • Pay per Click (credit acquisition)
    The Pay per Click mode allows you to acquire credit packages that will be deducted at each optimization request.

Api Center Topper System SEO

For specific needs, the optimized pages can, individually, be restored to their original state.

CO2 Application

We calculate the percentage of CO2 reduction for each optimized page by measuring the difference between the page size and the resources before and after the optimization performed with the plugin.
The service is free.
It can be enabled or disabled.

Smart Image Lazy-Load

You increase the page loading speed because the rules of lazy loading are applied to the images in a dynamic and seo friendly way.
With Smart Image Lazy-Loading we are going to implement the Lazy Load rules without modifying the url from the body of the original html document, obtaining a significant improvement in the user experience.

The service is free and works both with pages optimized with the Plugin and with those kept in their original state.
It can be configured and enabled or disabled.

Antispam ASPMTS

Helps prevent server overload by blocking unauthorized robots from browsing. IP addresses are temporarily excluded and then automatically reactivated.
You can add blocking exceptions to IP addresses, URLs, user agents, server names, or server IP addresses.
The service is free.
It can be enabled or disabled.

Cache support

By activating this feature, private cache requests are applied to public pages and all internal resources so that if queried a second time they are directly available on the client of the device used.
The service is free.
It can be enabled or disabled.

Topper System SEO Plugin Documentation

Topper System SEO Plugin


Since 2006 we have been involved in research and development of SEO technologies.

Topper System SEO plugin for WordPress comes out on the market after being tested with excellent results for 2 years, this is to be sure to offer you a serious, safe and efficient product from the first version.


  • Fast optimization website
  • Advanced optimization page
  • Service setting
  • CO2 Application by Topper System SEO


Step 1

  1. Download the zip file
  2. Extract the contents
  3. Upload the folder toppersystem to your WP plugin folder es: /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  4. Go to Plugins > Plugins, and activate the plugin

Step 2

  1. Go to Api Center Topper System
  2. Create new ApiKey
  3. Copy and paste the ApiKey into the plugin activation form
  4. Start setting and using the plugin

Support and Official Guide

Official Guide Topper System Plugin


How to Setup?

  1. Go to Topper System is active
  2. Go to [V] State of services
  3. Check and save the services you want to enable: Antispam, Cache, Smart Image Lazy-Loading, disable WP-CRON, CO2 Application, Automatic updates (page optimization)
  4. Select the pages you want to optimize
  5. Fill in the form: language (indicates the language corresponding to the selected page), keyword (indicates the keyword to be highlighted for the selected page)
  6. Wait for the optimization to complete


  • Optimized pages will need to be re-optimized when they are changed
  • It is possible to set automatic updates of optimized pages

Official Guide Topper System Plugin

How to top up credits or buy a subscription plan

  1. Go to Api Center Topper System
  2. Go to Top up your credits

Is it possible to generate more Apikey for the same domain?

It is not possible to generate more ApiKeys for the same domain name.

Is it possible to restore the original state of an optimized page?

It is possible to remove the optimization of a page by following the following procedure:

  1. Go to Topper System is active
  2. Go to [→] of the selected page (the page preview opens)
  3. Go to Start Topper System
  4. Go to Remove (Status: Red dot)

Page optimization is blocked by a firewall of another installed plugin

Option 1) Best pratice

  • Open the settings of the plugin that blocks the optimization and look for the White list and/or Ignored IP addresses field
  • Enter the Topper System IP address in the relative fields:,
  • Save your new settings

Option 2)

  • We recommend that you disable the antispam plugin and verify that optimization requests are not blocked. If the Topper System SEO plugin works well, remove the antispam plugin and replace it with one to which it is possible to apply filters that authorize requests for specific ip addresses

Some images are no longer seen with Smart Image Lazy-Loading service active

No problem, in this case we recommend changing the settings of the Smart Image Lazy-Loading service from the plugin, lowering the level of image analysis.

  1. Go to Topper System SEO is active
  2. Go to [V] Services Status
  3. Go to Manage corresponding to the Smart Image Lazy-Loading service
  4. Select the analysis level to set
  5. Save, exit and reload the page

Is it possible to assign roles for the management of the Topper System SEO plugin?

No, the plugin can only be managed by users with Administrator permissions.


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  • First release.


  • Fixed 1 bug.


  • Improved plugin update process. Custom settings are 100% inherited.


  • New algorithm adapted to the new seo best practices 2022 for new browser generation.


  • Added new features to advanced image optimization and Fixed 1 bug.


  • Fixed 1 bug.


  • Fixed 2 bug.


  • Improved processes: Smart Image Lazy Load, Preload First Image Content, Preload resources.


  • Increased compatibility with security plugins and with many hosting configurations: rewritten all ajax calls.


  • Increased compatibility with security plugins and with many hosting configurations: move to directory uploads all nosql request.


  • Fixed 1 bug.


  • Added the ability to customize the optimization of external css files.


  • Debugging and auto-configuration of Divi and Extra theme (by Divi) with Topper System SEO.


  • Added stage to production compatibility.


  • Added interactive guide.


  • New APIs.
  • Improved the updating system of the optimized pages.
  • New presentation page.
  • 4 Bugs fixed.


  • Increase the performance of the page optimization process.