Smart phone field for Gravity Forms


A simple and nice plugin to get auto country flag from user ip address on gravity form phone field. If the installation is okay, go to gravity forms dashboard. Add a phone field on your form. Open phone field and you will see to enable smart phone field checkbox. Click that checkbox and configure as you want. And save form. You’re done!


  • PHP 5.6
  • Gravity Forms 2.0.0 or higher


  • Add phone field on gravity form editor
  • Add your default country from dropdown and select preferred countries
  • Or enable automatically show country
  • Open form in your website page and you will see country flag with phone format
  • When you type wrong number format, it will be show error notification.
  • With write correct format, you will see valid notification.


Installation is fairly straight forward. Install it from the WordPress plugin repository.


دسمبر 4, 2021
This is the best add-on plugin for Gravity Forms. No bug, no bullshit, no ad & no spyware. Clean & optimized. **Works perfectly with Digits for WordPress! Install without hesitation.
اگست 16, 2021
Wow! Mighty impressed with this plugin. We tested many similar plugins and this one, by far, performs the best. If you plan to use this plugin, please refer to the support section of this plugin for useful information (i.e., minor fix and adjustments for optimum plugin performance). Thank you!
مارچ 15, 2021
I was curious so I checked out the source code and it does look like this is using Int-Tel-Input which is already a javascript input masking library I was looking at and thinking about trying to some how make with with Gravity Form's phone field. I didn't have the time to do so, and I stumbled across this plugin. This did that work for me. However, three big areas to improve on are: 1.) Better input mask itself, I think this is a limitation of Int-Tel-Input itself, which does not do a great job of masking while typing, there is only a mask shown in the placeholder and then once you start typing in the field it disappears and there is no visual mask, only a string which will accept any character not just numbers. It will then highlight the field if the mask is not met, but still needs to be a visual and real time thing more like how a library like cleave.js implements masks, but then cleave.js is not as visual in picking the country code. 2.) The entered number does not appear to show the international country code selected, it just shows the string entered with no formatting. This sort of defeats the purpose of having an international phone input. Needs to include the country code in what gets saved in the database. 3.) Selecting the preferred countries when configuring the field is tedious. I know implementing a better UI here is a real pain to do, but the list is just too long for ctrl+click to be a good way to achieve this. Needs to be more of like a searchable list where you select keywords which appear in a bubble that you can rearrange or remove easily.
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Add country code
Fix other issues


Fix validation issue
Fix gravity forms 2.5+ update issue


  • Initial Release