SCD – Smart Currency Detector – Free Variant


SCD named Smart Currency Detector is a plugin that manages currency conversion in a very intelligent way. It allows thanks to geolocation to display product prices in the currency of the end customer. But it does much more than that. It offers a lot of features for single-site admin, Marketplace admin, and sellers to make some customizations as needed. And it also provides some add-ons for advanced features.

Our plugin is built for single vendors as well as for Marketplace admins and sellers. It supports you throughout the end 2 end currencies conversion process: beginning from your customers getting into your website ’til your customers getting the purchased products delivered.

QUICK DEMO to view how it is work.

☞ We also have a SIMULATOR site where you can check, after installing our plugin, how your website behaves once called from whatever country. For example you can use our site Demo link ( to make test.

You can join our blog site to see how to earn money with a currency converter.


SCD plugin works under WooCommerce plugin. It is compatible with the most important marketplace plugins and almost all themes including further WooCommerce add-ons and supports several payment gateways.

Compatible Marketplace: DOKAN ; WCMP ; WC Vendors ; WCFM ; YITH

Compatible themes: View all the compatible themes with SCD

Compatible WooCommerce add-on: WooCommerce products add-on


✯ Vendor can set a custom price by currency for an individual product (eg set product price in Euro to 30 Euros and in US dollars to 50).

✯ Geolocalisation: use geo-localization to detect customer location and select the currency based on the location.

✯ End to End Currency conversion allow user to shop, checkout and pay in his local currency.

✯ Automatic Conversion of product prices to the local currency of the customer and display prices to the customer in its local currency.

✯ Available currency selection widget that can be placed anywhere on your site by using Shortcode.

✯ Shop owner can manually set the conversion rate to use for any currency.

✯ Shop owner can configure custom settings for selecting the customer currency (e.g. select customer currency from a fixed set of currencies based on localization)

✯ Uses caching of conversion rates to improve performance and reduce latency in environment with slow internet connections.

✯ Worldwide currency support , up to 186 different currencies.

✯ Multi-language support (currently English,Spanish, French and Italian to be extended).

✯ API Service: Fetch up to date currency conversion rates daily from currency API service.

✯ We guarantee compatibility: with latest version of each platform (we are a registered partner to all the marketplace platforms we support).

✯ Easy to use interface: You can shop from multiple devices, everything is 100% responsive and the best experience is guaranteed.

✯ Compatible Gateways: SCD supports all the most used payment methods. Your customers can pay with Visa, MasterCard, Paypal, Stripe, GooglePay, ApplePay, Square,Bitcoin, PayU Money, AliPay and many more…


✯ Marketplace admin can extend vendor dashboard to allow each vendor to define the default currency in which they want to enter their product prices.

✯ Marketplace admin can handle currency conversion of commission fees between vendor currency and base currency. Vendor gets fees in his default currency; Market place admin get fees in the site base currency

✯ Set the conversion rate currency: Conversion from vendor currency to the base currency or to the customer currency uses conversion rate settings set by the marketplace admin.

✯ compatible with many Woocommerce plugins :WooCommerce product addons, Woocommerce auctions, woocommerce bookings.


SCD Flag add-on: when this add-on is activated on your marketplace, the flag of the seller’s country is displayed in the marketplace. This add-on can really improve the experience of your end customers.

SCD Custom Prices add-on: when this add-on is activated on your marketplace, the administrator can allow sellers to display the prices in their respective currencies in their stores. For example, in the same marketplace, prices can be displayed in euros, dollars, yen … click to find out more.

SCD Products add-on: if you have downloaded WooCommerce products add-on, our product will make your end customer’s experience exceptional. He will be able to customize the products he wants to buy and will see the prices in the currency in his local currency. He will be able to see the variable products in his local currency and his experience on your site will be unforgettable.

SCD for WP Affiliate add-on: if you have downloaded WP Affiliate Plugin, our product will make your affiliation experience exceptional. Affiliates can see the commissions on their local currency or on the currency of their choice.


♛ You can download on this page our SCD free variant. This free version allows all SCD features listed above. Therefor only 3 (Euro/EUR, Australia Dollar/AUD, India Rupee/INR) are available there, additionally to the default currency.

SCD standard variant allows all SCD Features listed above. Unlike the free variant, the standard variant has the whole bunch of currencies available worldwide. This variant is used for a single-site admin without marketplace.

SCD marketplace variant for Dokan is compatible with Dokan marketplace and allows all SCD features and Features for Marketplace Admins listed above.

SCD marketplace variant for WCMP is compatible with WCMP marketplace and allows all SCD features and Features for Marketplace Admins listed above.

SCD marketplace variant for WCFM is compatible with WCFM market place and allows all SCD features and Features for Marketplace Admins listed above.

SCD marketplace variant for WC-Vendor is compatible with WC-Vendor market place and allows all SCD features and Features for Marketplace Admins listed above.

SCD marketplace variant for Yith is compatible with Yith market place and allows all SCD features and Features for Marketplace Admins related before.

SCD Premium variant is compatible with the most important marketplace plugins (Dokan, WCMP, WCFM, WC-Vendor, Yith), so you can use it on a multisite of marketplace. This variant allows all SCD features and Features for Marketplace Admins listed before. When you use this variant you have the possibility to extend it through the most advanced features by using our SCD add-ons plugins.


☺ You can trial free during 14 days our SCD Premium variant to enjoys a lot of features leading to an increase in your incomes. Did you find what you want? So don’t waste any more time. Start now with the SCD Premium 14 days trial.

Please keep in mind that the SCD Free variant is required to be installed first before installing any other variant of SCD. So before starting with SCD Premium 14 days trials, first download on this page our SCD free variant and install the both together.


❐ You can download our whole documentation on our website : SCD DOCUMENTATION

♫ Quick tutorial about SCD Premuim 14 days trial

♫ Quick tutorial about SCD Standard variant

♫ Quick tutorial about SCD marketplace for Dokan

♫ Quick tutorial about SCD marketplace for WCFM

♫ Quick tutorial about SCD marketplace for WCMP

♫ Quick tutorial about SCD marketplace for WC-Vendor


On any days, we provide 12 hours turnaround time to reply every query, even in our busiest schedule. All you need to do is to reach us either via our support forum or


This plugin uses 3rd party services for customer geolocalization and to periodically obtain the latest currency conversion rates.

A link to the terms of uses of these services is provided below:

  1. IP geolocalization : GeoPlugin Privacy Policy and User Agreement

  2. Currency conversion rates : OpenExchange Terms of Use


It is good practice to have a test environment (for example your site backup) and only install programs on your site that have passed the test phase. We recommend this approach. Therefor, we decline any responsibility for damage occurring on your site after the installation of our program

Withdrawal Notice

⚖ We will refund you within 30 days without explanation the entire amount of your purchase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • SCD general settings interface.
  • SCD currencies settings interface.
  • SCD currencies settings interface.
  • Activate SCD Licence key.
  • Enable SCD Widget.
  • Set a custom price by currency for an individual product.
  • SCD Widget view.
  • SCD Mobile Widget view.
  • Marketplace admin can extend vendor dashboard to allow each vendor to define the default currency in which they want to enter their product prices. (Eg.of wcmp marketplace)
  • Marketplace admin can extend vendor dashboard to allow each vendor to define the default currency in which they want to enter their product prices. (Eg.of wcmp marketplace)



*Download to your plugin directory or simply install via WordPress admin interface.



*It is mandatory to first install the free variant of SCD before install other SCD variant. SCD free variant works together with all other SCD variant.

*Purchase through our website the suitable SCD product that you want for your business and then install it and activate your license. You can also get SCD products on [Codecayon](


✍ Is it mandatory to download the free version of SCD?

✔ Yes, it is mandatory to download the free version of SCD. In addition to the variant of our product that you purchased, you also need to download the free version. For example, a marketplace administrator who purchases scd for wc vendors must also download the free version of the product so that everything works. This also applies to other variants of our plugin Even the 14 day trial version works with the free version installed at the same time

✍ What does the 14-day trial version of SCD offer?

✔ it offers you the marketplace pro variant for 14 days so that you can enjoy all the features of our product. It is compatible with the 5 marketplace plugins at the same time, so even if your sales site is only compatible with one of the 5 plugins, you will use it very well.

✍ How do I know if the conversion to a local currency is working correctly?

✔ if you only have the SCD free variant installed in your store, then be aware that this only offers conversion into 3 currencies (Euro/EUR, Australia Dollar/AUD, India Rupee/INR), additionally to the default currency. This means that if you call your store from China the prices of the products will not be in Yuan but rather in the base currency used to create the products. Reason why for a better appreciation of SCD, subscribe for free to the SCD Premium variant for 14 days. After this you can use our SIMULATOR site where you can check how your website behaves once called from whatever country. Or you can activate the end user SCD widget to simulate currency conversion.

✍ can we have discounts on SCD products?

✔ yes it is possible when you subscribe to SCD Premium 14 days trial, you have a coupon that offers you a 10% discount if you purchase a SCD product before the 5 days of trial. Another way is to follow us on socials media in order to be alerted about the SCD products campaigns.

✍ How do I contact the support team?

✔ You can contact our support team by writing to us at


فبروري 6, 2021
The plugin not that good - it sends an email to administrators once activated, which is a really bad start, not sure what the plugin may do later, it's really irritating and not a good way to start using this plugin, it's not supported for all themes, and does not have actually lot of currency it's very limited and useless and no option to select currencies that are approved.
جولای 15, 2020
Dears, we are fully satisfied with the solution and support. thanks guys and keep it up 🙂
اپریل 18, 2020
Great plugin for currency switching! I have been looking for a plugin to work alongside my marketplace and this is perfect. Very friendly and helpful support too! Highly recommend
جنوري 26, 2020
I was searching for a plugin which supports my multi vendor store with different currencies and is compatible with WC Marketplace. I'm happy that with SCD I found the best one. Also the support is very friendly and helpful. Highly recommended!
اکتوبر 12, 2019
It's the best plugin for multi-currencies and multivendor sites! I had a problem with my version and their team took my request very seriously and they fixed immediately. The team is very polite, friendly and willing to collaborate for a better result! Great support! Thank you again GaJeLabs!
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Contributors & Developers

“SCD – Smart Currency Detector – Free Variant” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



  • fix a bug on checkout page

  • compatibility with mangopay

  • Fix currency conversion on order page when direct bank transfert is used as payment method

  • fix bug on scd according to the decimal number on product price

  • Fix Bug on SCD mobile currency conversion widget when saving configuration

  • Remove obsolete SCD Currency Settings

  • Remove obsolete SCD Currency Settings

  • Add a setting to disable PoPuP on mobile currency conversion widget

  • You can change color of scd mobile widget as setting

  • compatibility with mercadopago payment gateway

  • change name of product

  • removal of implementations carried out in version

  • improve currency conversion through caching


  • Allow on SCD free variant the possibility to make all the currency setting. Therefor only 3 (Euro/EUR, Australia Dollar/AUD, India Rupee/INR) are available there, additionally to the default currency
  • New SCD Mobile widget
  • Allow possibility to customize the style of the SCD end user widget



  • Fix vendor commission issue with wc vendors
  • hithlight scd currency menu on wcfm dashboard after clicking on.
  • Fix currency menu issue on mobile


  • Extends import export woocommerce feature to scd data prices
  • Add compatibilty with payzen


  • Add custom currency option
  • Email notification after deactivate the plugin


  • Split scd in free and premium versions


  • Add register shiping methods in default currency for wcfm marketplace site
  • Improve currency drop down menu
  • Fix issue on scd wcmp compatibility


  • remove unsed code


  • add some hooks and regoranize the code


Add filter currencies option for widget on landing page


  • Fix bug
  • Move some functions to correct file
  • remove some unsed code
  • Update WC Vendors compatibility
  • reorganize code for multivendors variant


  • fix issue when user set his default currency
  • specify theme location for currency dropdown menu
  • update compatibility with WCMp market place plugin
  • Add set user currency feature for WCMp marketplace plugin


  • Fix issue with license activation


  • Add new widget model
  • Add scd dropdown menu for currencies


  • Fix double conversion in wcfm order page
  • Start using shorcode to place scd widget in any location of the website


  • Fix can’t disbale variation on wcfm dashbord when scd is activated
  • Fix widget not work after EUR currency selection


  • Fix auto select currency in widget correponding to the target currency


  • Support Stripe payment gateway for payments in converted currency


  • Register variable product with user default currency in wcfm plugin


  • use select2 library for wcfm integratio
  • Fix auto select cfp currency when eur is selected in fr and ru langauges
  • Fix undefined ofset in ispricebycurr function


*Fix hide dokan content unhide by scd in product dashboard page!


  • Add setting menu option to select fallback currency
  • Fix SCD widget to list currencies in alphabetical order
  • Support user location simulation for testing


  • Use base currency for paypal payment if user currency not supported
  • Remove Multi Roles settings tab
  • Add support tab and license info to settings menu
  • Add option to enable or disable plugin data deletion on uninstall


WCFM improvement to allow vendor to use custom currency for setting product price


  • Fix manual setings options;
  • Dokan improvement to allow vendor to use custom currency for setting product price;
  • Fix issue of duplicated fields on Dokan Edit product page


Fix plugin updater


wcfm improvement to allow vendor to use custom currency


Update setting to allow seller to limit the set of currencies available to users; Changes to SCD widget.


Corrections to conversion module to improve performance


Improve scd dokan implementation


Display currency symbol instead of currency code;
Delay loading of client side scripts to address intermittent issues with certain themes.


Orders are now saved with the currency used for payment if the multi-currency payment setting is enabled;
Fix to issue with conversion of order totals after applying coupons.


Fix conversion of high values and variable product price


Fix issue resulting in NaN price display in certain currencies


Extend set user currency feature to WCFM plugin


Fixed widget issue


Fixed performance issue
Fixed double conversion issue


Support use of customer currency for payments with Paypal (Enabled via settings)


Fix plugin update issue


Fix paypal issue on multi currencies mode


Add PayUmoney support


Fix checkout page conversion issue on autodetection mode


Fix shopping cart conversion issue


Fixed conversion issue on cart and checkout page


Add set user currency for wc vendors


Add multi-base currencies feature


Fix bug cause by undefined variable


Fix update product with wcmp plugin issue


Update api key


Add compatibility with WooCommerce Market place plugin (WCMP)


Add SPG Functionalities


workarround of library chosen when update product using wcfm plugin


Add compatibility update product with wcfm plugins


  • Adding pdate system from private repository


  • Convert js $ to JQuery


  • Added russian translation of the widget


  • Add license manager


  • Integrate wooCommerce frontend manager plugin


  • Added french translation of the widget


  • Integrate dokan multi-vendors market pleces plugin


  • Fix bug: a third party jquery function wrongly called


  • Fix issue: yahoo api and others were shutdown therefore no conversion rate


  • Fix issue: after deleting a product the conversion to local currency is not done


  • Caching all the conversion rates in end user’s local storage to speed up price conversions


  • removing price by currency option in the default options


  • Changing plugin folder name


  • Added compatibility to the dokan plugin


use scd with WC Vendors


update product using wc-vendors


  • fixed cookies issue and adapted cookies to php 7.1.X


  • integrate wc-vendors plugin


  • Fixed performace issue


  • Added compatibility to the WooCommerce Frontend Manager plugin


  • Adapted to WooCommerce 3.3.1 and WordPress 4.9.4


  • Fixed: cookies management
  • Added: a new source for currency rates


  • Fixed: error handling manual updated rates
  • Fixed: display issues


  • Fixed: paypal currencies issues with spg
  • Fixed: Issues with yahooapi call
  • Fixed: Some Display issues


  • Fixed: js issues on product page


  • Added: enable end users to update SCD from admin panel


  • Fixed: display issues and notices
  • Added: cookies management


  • Added: Compatibility with his paypal gateway [Smart Paypal Gateway]
  • Fixed: issues on money format fixed

=3.0 =
* Added: Enable support for woocommerce 3.1.x
* Fixed: Multi users / roles settings
* Fixed: SCD incompatibilities and issues on woocommerce 2.6.+


  • Added: Enable Support for site using ssl certificates


  • Fixed: End users widget with flags + currencies
  • Fixed: Multi users / roles display style
  • Added: Shortcode [scd_widget]


  • Added: All-in-one
  • Added: Approximate the products price
  • Added: Enable the payment with several currencies
  • Added: Allow to auto update exchange rate
  • Added: Exchange rates are fetched from Yahoo Finance So they are always updated
  • Added: Set time to update Exchange rates
  • Added: Customize each currency separately
  • Added: Set the position for each currency (e.g. 50, 50 )
  • Added: 1-10% on top of instant Exchange rates
  • Added: Round up the converted price to your convenience
  • Added: Customize foreign currencies names, Formats, symbols, signs, brands
  • Added: Several options to customize your exchange rate for each currency
  • Added: Format / rename your currencies
  • Added: Automatic target currency detection, depending on end users Location (e.g. Auto detection)
  • Added: End users widget
  • Added: Allow to add a decimal numbers display
  • Added: Set the number of decimals
  • Added: Enable Multi roles based, webpages display currency
  • Added: Specify the number of usable currencies for your different roles
  • Added: Set a specific products price for each given currency
  • Added: Appropriate for multi store market places (e.g. WC Marketplace)
  • Added: Appropriate for multi vendor sites (e.g. WC Vendors, Dokan)
  • Added: Users to roles settings and restrictions
  • Added: Simplified the products creations UI for multiple currencies
  • Added: Supports 237 countries and 157 currencies
  • Added: Appropriate for all other currency echange use cases
  • Added: Mobile friendly
  • Added: Replace Original Price
  • Added: Supports all modern browsers
  • Added: Easy installation