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RioVizual – Best WordPress Table Block Plugin

RioVizual is a WordPress table block plugin that allows you to easily create and customize any kind of tables such as comparison table, pricing table, pros & cons table, and more within the Gutenberg block editor.

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With this WordPress table plugin, you can create responsive tables with various numbers of columns and rows, as well as customize the table’s styling and formatting options.

This Gutenberg table plugin comes with two customizable blocks: table builder block, and pros & cons block. Table builder block offers a simple and user-friendly way to create professional-looking comparison tables and pricing tables on WordPress block editor. Moreover, pros & cons block allows you to create create highly responsive and attractive pros and cons tables in the Gutenberg editor.

With RioVizual, you also have the option to choose from pre-designed table templates that speed up the process of creating tables & pros and cons boxes in WordPress editor.

🔥RioVizual Blocks (MORE COMING SOON!)

  • Table Builder Block: Gutenberg table block to effortlessly create customizable & responsive tables. View Demo
  • Pros & Cons Block: Conversion-focused pros and cons block to help you add the features and drawbacks of products/services. View Demo

👑Feature of RioVizual WordPress Table Plugin

RioVizual is the best WordPress table builder plugin to create responsive tables, and pros & cons boxes that convert exceptionally well. Let’s see why:

Easy to Use: With our plugin, you can quickly and easily create tables and pros & cons box with our intuitive table blocks.

No Coding Skills Required: Our plugin allows you to create professional-looking tables & pros and cons box in minutes without any coding knowledge.

Premade Layouts: Choose from an extensive library of professionally designed table & pros and cons layouts. Just import, customize, and get your table and pros & cons box live.

Responsive: Our tables and pros & cons boxes are fully responsive, meaning they’ll look great on any device, from desktop to mobile.

Customizable Design: Customize your tables & pros and cons boxes to match your website’s branding and design with custom fonts, colors, borders, and more.

Easy to Install: Installing our plugin is a breeze – simply download/install, activate, and start creating tables and pros & cons boxes right away.

FREE Forever: Enjoy all the benefits of our plugin for free, forever.

SEO Friendly: Skyrocket your search engine visibility with featured snippet benefits.

Performance Optimized: It works with the native WordPress editor with no dependency on external code. So, it is fast and stable.

💪 Key Features of RioVizual Gutenberg Table Block

  • Drag and drop table builder for Gutenberg block editor.

  • 5 Elements (text, image, button, list, icon) to create table in WordPress Gutenberg editor. [Many more table elements coming soon!]

  • 8 Pre-designed table templates to kickstart your next table.

  • Options to add, delete, copy, cut, paste, duplicate, and move via right click on elements.

  • Basic cell manipulation operations such as insert, delete, copy, cut, paste, and more for rows and columns.

  • Ability to design cells and elements individually or in groups.

  • Ability to change the type of a cell from a body cell to a header or footer cell, and vice versa.

  • Ability to make the table responsive to different screen sizes.

  • Ability to make the table scrollable or stackable for better viewing on small screens.

  • Ability to set a fixed or flexible width for all cells in the table.

  • Option to set/freeze the first row or column in the table.

  • Option to merge multiple cells into one and split cells that have been merged.

  • Ability to preserve the content of cells when they are merged.

  • Option to change the HTML tag of a cell from “td” to “th”, and vice versa.

  • Hold the Ctrl key to select multiple cells. Hold Shift key to select range.

  • Settings for different border types (e.g. solid, dotted, dashes, double, groove, ridge, inset, outset) for each cell in the table.

💪 Key Features of RioVizual Gutenberg Pros & Cons Block

  • 2 Pre-designed pros and cons templates to kickstart your next pros and cons box.

  • Pros and Cons Schema support.

  • Flexibility to choose icons.

  • Customization for box, title, and body.

  • Mobile support for vertical box.

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  • Default Table Demo
  • Comparison Table Demo
  • Versus Table Demo
  • Pros and Cons Box Demo
  • Pros and Cons Table Demo
  • Premade Table Templates
  • Creating New Table
  • Flexiable Cell Settings
  • Table Global Styling UI
  • Table Styling UI
  • Pros and Cons Box Styling UI


This plugin provides 2 blocks.

  • Pros and Cons Add pros & cons of products/services.
  • Table Builder Create customizable & responsive tables.


  1. Go to the “Plugins” screen from your WordPress dashboard, click “Add New”, and search for “RioVizual” in the WordPress Plugin Directory.
  2. Click “Install Now” and after that’s complete, click “Activate”.
  3. To create/insert a table into a WordPress post or page, add a block comes with RioVizual in the block editor.


Who should use RioVizual?

RioVizual is perfect for bloggers, eCommerce store owners, niche sites, affiliate marketers, business owners, and basically any WordPress website. If you want to get higher conversion, then you need to use RioVizual WordPress Table plugin.

What are the requirements to use RioVizual?

You only need to have the latest version of WordPress on your website, to begin with. RioVizual is basically an addon for the default WordPress block editor. Therefore, the latest WordPress installation along with a theme should be enough, to begin with.

Will RioVizual slow down my website?

Absolutely no! RioVizual’s code has been created and optimized for maximum performance. That is why using RioVizual on your website will not slow down your website. On the contrary, there is a good chance that your website will perform better than ever with RioVizual, as it does the job of multiple plugins. Once you remove the unnecessary plugins from your website, your website’s performance is sure to get better.

How often is RioVizual updated?

RioVizual is updated every two weeks.

Why is RioVizual better than other table plugins?

There are many WordPress table plugins out there. Unlike others, RioVizual Gutenberg table block plugin is always reliable. Our features are results & performance focused (no bloat), and we offer exceptional customer support.

Can I add formatting to my table?

Yes, the plugin offers various formatting options such as font size, background color, and border styles.

How many columns and rows can I add to my table?

You can add as many columns and rows as you need.

Can I import data from an external source to create a table?

Not at this time, but this feature is planned for a future release.

Does the plugin Support Pros and Cons Schema?

Yes, RioVizual supports pros and cons schema. By providing structured data to search engines, it helps improve your website’s visibility and CTR in SERP, which means boosting your SEO ranking.

I have further questions, how do I contact you?

Please drop us an email at and we would be more than happy to assist.


مې 26, 2023
I've tested it & I love it alot. But one thing that stops me from activating it on all my money sites is the lacking of nofollow link features. Please help to add this feature & I will use it for all of my money sites asap.
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Contributors & Developers

“RioVizual – WordPress Gutenberg Table Blocks Plugin” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



1.1.2 – 13 August 2023

  • Added: 1 more Pre-made Table Builder Template.
  • Fixed: Gradient Picker issue with WordPress 6.3.

1.1.1 – 07 August 2023

  • Added: Full Compatibility with the Latest Version of WordPress 6.3.
  • Added: 2 more Pre-made Table Builder Templates.
  • Improved: Some Style Issue.
  • Fixed: List Style Color for Single List Element.

1.1.0 – 31 July 2023

  • Introduced: Pros and Cons Block
  • Added: Font in Global Table Settings
  • Added: Cell Borders Type in Global Cell Settings
  • Added: Padding in Image Element
  • Added: List Style Color in List Element
  • Improved: Revamped UI and Better UX
  • Improved: Tweaks to Increase Performance
  • Improved: Background Component UI
  • Improved: Border Component UI
  • Improved: Button Element Style UI
  • Improved: Image Upload Settings with External Url in Image Element
  • Removed: Cell Borders Type from Global Table Settings
  • Removed: Font from Global Cell Settings
  • Removed: List Style Position from List Element
  • Moved: Cell Tag from Cell Settings -> Design -> Content to Advanced

1.0.6 – 12 July 2023

  • Added: Premade table templates
  • Added: External link option for image element
  • Improved: Revamped UI and better UX
  • Improved: Tweaks to increase performance
  • Fixed: Link Rel issue of Button element

1.0.5 – 26 June 2023

  • Added: Elements alignment
  • Added: Duplicate and move options for row, column from right click popup
  • Added: Duplicate option for element from right click popup
  • Added: Global setting button in editor
  • Improved: Added selector color on active element in editor
  • Improved: Cell Tag button toggle with tooltip text
  • Improved: Added dot with element list and heading when element settings value are different from default value
  • Improved: Border component style type

1.0.4 – 21 June 2023

  • Introduced: List element
  • Introduced: Icon element
  • Added: Label of rel attributes select options in Button element
  • Improved: On click action to select element in cell
  • Improved: Added div as Text element default tag
  • Fixed: Style issue after drag-and-drop element
  • Fixed: Hover color style issue of Button element

1.0.3 – 14 June 2023

  • Added: HTML tag support for text element content
  • Added: Text Decoration in font style settings
  • Added: Button preset setting
  • Improved: Font weight support for different devices
  • Improved: Font size preview value for different devices

1.0.2 – 07 June 2023

  • Introduced: Button element
  • Improved: Style reset option for different devices

1.0.1 – 31 May 2023

  • Introduced: Drag-and-drop feature with elements
  • Added: Block preview image
  • Improved: Border preview value for different devices
  • Improved: Box shadow preview value for different devices

1.0.0 – 23 May 2023

  • Initial release