WooCommerce Catalog Mode


WooCommerce Catalog Mode (previously known as Hide Price and Add to Cart Button for WooCommerce) is the most effective WooCommerce extension to transform your online shop into an online catalog of products.

Demo – You can preview the complete plugin functionality in the WordPress Playground using the Live Preview button.

There are several reasons behind activating the WooCommerce Catalog Mode on your store and disabling sales.

For example, you may want to hide the Price and the Add to Cart Button for the following scenarios:

✅ Only registered and logged-in customers can view the prices of products or use the Add to Cart button on your WooCommerce store.
✅ You are going on vacation and want to disable the sales and order backlog during the period.
✅ You want to replace the price for guest users with an effective CTA like Login/Sign Up to view the price.
✅ You want to hide the price of a particular product from your competitors.

Let us see how this WooCommerce Catalog Mode extension can help you to achieve all these, and more.

🎭 Catalog Mode for Guest Users

Head over to the plugin settings if you want to hide the Product Prices and the Add to Cart Button only for guest users.

Select the appropriate checkboxes. The plugin will take care of the rest.

All your registered users can view the Prices and the Add to Cart Button. But, this WooCommerce catalog mode plugin will hide it for guest or unregistered users.

🏖️ Catalog Mode for all users (Store Vacation)

You can hide the prices and the Add to Cart Button for guests. You can hide these for registered users. This will disable sales while you set your store in Vacation Mode.

The plugin will ensure you do not receive orders while you enjoy your vacation.

🎯 Show Prices but Hide the Add to Cart Button

The plugin can display only the prices but hide the Add to Cart Button.

Toggle the plugin checkboxes and save the settings if you wish.

🎯 Replace the Price with a Custom Text

This WooCommerce Catalog Mode extension also allows you to hide the prices of products and replace them with custom text.

🎯 Hide the Prices for Particular Products

This WooCommerce Catalog Mode extension can hide the prices for individual products. Navigate to the All Products page and toggle the self-explanatory icons. The plugin will take care of the rest.

With user-friendly mouse clicks, you can hide the prices of specific products from your competition.

You do not have to navigate to every Product Page for individual items to achieve this.

🎯 Hide the Sale Badge

This WooCommerce Catalog Mode extension can also hide the Sale Badge of products. Again, you can achieve this by toggling a checkbox.

🎯 WooCommerce Catalog Mode

This extension can enable the Catalog Mode for every type of product on your WooCommerce store.

It works for:
✅ Simple Products
✅ Variants
✅ Grouped Products
✅ External Products.

Moreover, your choices are applied on the Shop Page, Product Pages, and Cart of your WooCommerce store.

💯 Maintenance and Support

This extension is well-supported and tested for compatibility with each WordPress and WooCommerce upgrade.

The plugin is tested and certified to work with WordPress 6.5.4 and WooCommerce 8.9.2.

💻 Technical

This lightweight WooCommerce Catalog Mode is compatible with popular WordPress and WooCommerce themes.

It is also compatible with page builders like NicePage.

The plugin uses standard WooCommerce filters and hooks to avoid conflicts. It follows the WordPress guidelines and best practices.

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⏳ Upcoming Features

Here are some of the upcoming features of this WooCommerce Catalog Mode plugin:

👉 Hide price and Add to Cart button for specific categories, users, roles, and countries.
👉 Override options at the Product and Category level.
👉 Bulk select or deselect Products, Categories, and Users.
👉 Hide price and Add to Cart button based on product price and stock.
👉 Support for multisite.


  • Settings panel of the WooCommerce Catalog Mode plugin.
  • Select individual products to Hide Price or the Add to Cart Button.
  • Hide Price, Sale Badge, or Add to Cart Button on the Shop page.
  • Hide Price, Sale Badge, and Add to Cart Button on the product summary page.
  • Replace the price with a custom text in any language.


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Install the plugin directly through the WordPress plugin directory.
  2. Activate it.
  3. Make sure that WooCommerce is activated. If WooCommerce is not active, the plugin will not function.
  4. Configure the plugin functionality using the Settings panel.
  5. You can find the plugin settings as a submenu under the WooCommerce menu in your WordPress dashboard.


Can I use this plugin in a multisite environment?

The current version of this WooCommerce Catalog Mode plugin does not support Multisite.

However, this feature is in our future roadmap.

I have installed the plugin. But I can not access the Settings page. Why?

The Settings page of the Catalog Mode for WooCommerce plugin appears as an option under the WooCommerce menu.

Please ensure that you have installed WooCommerce and that the WooCommerce plugin is active on your site. You should be able to access the Settings page as a submenu of WooCommerce.

Can I hide the Product Price or the Add to Cart button for specific products?

Our Catalog Mode for WooCommerce plugin lets you hide the price of a specific product or the Add to Cart button with a single click.

After you install and activate the plugin, navigate to the All Products list in WooCommerce.

Click on the nice-looking icons to hide or display the price or the Buy Button. The plugin will take care of the rest.

The plugin does not work with my theme. What may be the reason?

While testing the plugin functionality with different themes, we found that several themes do not follow the WooCommerce or WordPress Coding Standards.

This is the likely issue in your case. Kindly inform us of the details of the theme you are using. We will deliver the theme-specific fix at the earliest, if applicable.

I am using a Page Builder. But the plugin is not working as expected. Why?

Like several themes, many Page Builders do not follow the WooCommerce Coding standards.

While most issues can be resolved using the Advanced settings of our WooCommerce Catalog Mode plugin, you can connect with us for further guidance.

Whom to contact for any support?

Please log a support request on the plugin support page. We will revert ASAP.

I am looking for a new feature. How do I request a new feature for this plugin?

We would love your ideas for enhancing this WooCommerce Catalog Mode plugin. Please log a request on the plugin support page. We will revert ASAP.


مارچ 7, 2024
Perfect plugin and fantastic support. I have a problem with my template and he resolve it in 3 hours. Top!!!!
مارچ 6, 2024
This is one of those plugins that works right out of the box. Very easy to configure and super lightweight with no nagging ads or bloat. The future roadmap also looks promising. As it is a brand new plugin, I was a little sceptical to use it at first. However I must say that I am an impressed early adopter! And did I mention that the support is very responsive?
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Contributors & Developers

“WooCommerce Catalog Mode” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




Release Date – 08 Jun 2024

  • Fixed critical deployment error.


Release Date – 08 Jun 2024

  • Code revert. Deployment issues.


Release Date – 08 Jun 2024

  • Minor changes and request for review.


Release Date – 07 Apr 2024

  • Improved Settings Page. Minor Improvements.


Release Date – 23 Mar 2024

  • Compatibility with WordPress 6.5 and WooCommerce 8.7.
  • Plugin renamed.


Release Date – 16 Mar 2024

  • Changes: Performance Improvements.


Release Date – 10 Mar 2024

  • Fix: Performance issue.


Release Date – 10 Mar 2024

  • New feature: Hide the product price or the Add to Cart Button of individual products.


Release Date – 07 Mar 2024

  • New feature: Resolve CSS conflicts with your theme in the Advanced Settings.


Release Date – 06 Mar 2024

  • New feature: Hide Sale badge if the product price is not displayed.


Release Date – 02 Mar 2024

  • New feature: Add custom text to replace price.
  • Change: Moved plugin settings under WooCommerce.
  • Updated minimum PHP version requirement.


Release Date – 01 Mar 2024

  • Initial Version