Post Saint | ChatGPT / GPT-3 Text & DALL-E / Stable Diffusion AI Image Generator


The Most Advanced AI Article Writing, Image Creation, & Automatic Content Posting WordPress Plugin Now Available.

Create single (or bulk) posts & pages with OpenAI GPT-3 technology using writing prompts, such as “write an article about on-page SEO” or “libra horoscope”.

AI image generation playground powered by DALL-E & Stable Diffusion which allows images to be added to WordPress Media Library, inserted into post content or set as post’s featured images.

Publishing captivating, well-written content on your WordPress-powered blog or website has never been easier with the Post Saint premium WordPress plugin. You’ll have countess unique articles, blog posts and AI-created images always ready to be generated within seconds. Just enter a “prompt” or a description of the content you want written or drawn, and within seconds you can have hundreds or even thousands of words written and posted to your WordPress site. Bulk importing new posts can be done easily with Post Saint’s Bulk Import tool. Simply paste text, upload a file (such as a .csv / .txt file) or specify a URL for the data source and watch new articles be written automatically in seconds. Article re-writing or “spinning” is also a breeze with our plugin. You can enter a prompt such as “Rewrite this page” which will yield a completely re-written article, almost instantly, even a human writer couldn’t beat!

In addition to OpenAI’s GPT superior textual creations, Post Saint incorporates AI image generation with its equally awesome DALL-E & STable Diffusion deep learning models so you can add spectacularly beautiful and unique graphics to your WordPress Media Library. Similarly to GPT3, simply enter a prompt as descriptive as you can imagine and then watch the magic begin. The AI graphics generated are only limited by your prompts, so get creative!

Post Saint- Plugin Features

  • Generate text with AI – Enter a prompt, or instructions for GTP3 to generate your text which you can then copy to your post/page content and WooCommerce products.
  • Generate images with AI – Just type in a prompt and Post Saint will generate up to 10 images for you to use on your site.
  • Gutenberg block – Create images inside your posts/pages using Classic Editor or Gutenberg blocks.
  • Save to Library – After generating AI images, you can pick and choose which to add to your Media Library.
  • Insert images – Insert your AI generated images into any post/page as an image block with a single click.
  • Logs – Insert your AI generated images into any post/page as an image block with a single click.
  • Auto Posts (Pro) – Schedule your prompts to run on intervals, or frequencies in recurring manner ranging from every 5 minutes to the first of every month. Simply setup a prompt to periodically re-submit to have written into a post, with the accompanying post title, (or you can choose to have a post title generated as well) and an optional image prompt to generate an image and set as your Post’s Featured Image.
  • Bulk Import (Pro) – If creating one blog post at a time isn’t fast enough, the Bulk Import tool can surely expedite the blogging process. Simply paste, upload, or specify a URL containing the rows of data for your Post Titles, Text Prompts and Image Prompts with simple .txt or .csv (Excel spreadsheet) files. See the documentation on how to bulk import and create new posts and bulk import file samples. Spintax can even be used in the Post Titles to multiply your publishing rate even higher.


  • GPT-3 Generated Text for Posts & WooCommerce Products
  • DALL-E & Stable Diffusion AI Image Generator
  • AI Generated Images in Media Library
  • Scheduled Auto Posts (Pro)
  • Prompt Result Logs


Once you install the plugin, enter your OpenAI and/or API key(s) on the Post Saint > Settings page.

Generate text and images from the Add/Edit Posts or Pages screen. To only generate AI images for adding to the Media Library, go to Post Saint > Create AI Images


Can Google’s page ranking algorithm detect my articles were written by artificial intelligence?

Some search engines penalize your page ranking if they detect content that reads like it was entirely produced by AI. Don’t fret, the AI technology Post Saint uses is so advanced, bot checker tools cannot discern the writings were made by an AI bot.

Can I sell AI images created by DALL-E and Stable Diffusion?

Subject to the Content Policy and Terms of OpenAI and, you own the images you create with DALL·E & Stable Diffusion, including the right to reprint, sell, and merchandise – regardless of whether an image was generated through a free or paid credit.

Do I need my own OpenAI or API Key(s)?

Yes, the Post Saint WordPress Plugin is BYOK (Bring Your Own Key) so you’ll need your OpenAI API key from here and/or your key from here

AIs the plugin compatible with WordPress’ Classic Editor and Gutenberg Block Editor?

Yes, the plugin functionality to insert your generated content into the post content and set generated images as the Featured Image for posts is compatible with either editor you prefer, the Classic Editor or Gutenberg Block Editor.

Why are DALL-E generated images saved to the Media Library when adding to Post Content?

The image links generated by DALL-E are only valid for 1 hour, so you must save the images to keep them. Luckily, Post Saint Plugin makes this easy for you by giving you the option to add the generated images to your WordPress Media Library as soon as they are generated. You can also easily add the images individually after previewing the generated images.


فبروري 6, 2023
I like the convenient generate text and create new AI image on the add new post page. Very easy to add generated AI images to the Media Library using DALL-E or Stable Diffusion.
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