DynaMaker CAD Configurator for WooCommerce


With the DynaMaker Plugin for WooCommerce you can add visual configuration to your product page.

– Embed your DynaMaker CAD Configurator on your WooCommerce site
– Enable visual product configuration to boost quotations and sales
– Connect with Advanced Product Fields from Studio Wombat


  • Example with a simplistic greenhouse configurator


Replacing the product image with your DynaMaker app

  1. Edit a product in WooCommerce
  2. Create an attribute ‘dynamaker’ (or ‘dynamaker-test’) and add your dynamaker application ID (ID = XXXX in deployed.dynamaker.com/applications/XXXX)
  3. Update WooCommerce product
  4. View the product page and the image should be replaced with an iframe

Connect with Advanced Product Fields from Studio Wombat (optional)

  1. Install Advanced Product Fields for WooCommerce (1.9.2 Premium version recommended for pricing formulas)
  2. Ensure your WordPress theme is compatible with Advanced Product Fields (or modify CSS to handle field visibility)
  3. Edit product in WooCommerce
  4. Create Custom Fields for your product that should sync with DynaMaker
  5. Optionally add formula pricing (Advanced Product Fields – Premium)
  6. Update WooCommerce product
  7. For user inputs on the WooCommerce Page
    8.1 Add event listener to the DynaMaker application inside UI Studio -> UI -> onInit
    8.2 Hide DynaMaker toolbar in DynaMaker application by adding .sky-toolbar-container { display: none; } inside UI Studio -> STYLE
  8. For user inputs inside DynaMaker – Add an event trigger inside DynaMaker application inside UI Studio -> UI -> onInit (see example below)


What is DynaMaker?

DynaMaker is a cloud-based visual CAD configuration service and is suitable for companies that have a CTO or ETO approach to sales and manufacturing.
DynaMaker lets your clients configure products in the browser and can automatically generate sales and CAD files, which saves a lot of time and money.

How do I develop my first configurator with DynaMaker?

You need to create an account on DynaMaker and log in to the online editor. When you have deployed your application you can use the ID for use with the plugin. See docs.dynamaker.com for tutorials and info on how to get started.

How can I test this without a configurator?

Try using the ID of one of our existing demo configurators, like ICPqhHqF4l0 or ask for a template project at https://dynamaker.com.

Is it possible to configure the product with inputs in the DynaMaker application and hide the fields in WooCommerce?

Yes! Keep the Advanced Product Fields in your WooCommerce product, but add custom CSS to your WordPress site to hide them.


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Contributors & Developers

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– Tested with WordPress 6.5.2
– Tested with Woocommerce 8.7.0

– Tested with WordPress 6.3.1
– Tested with Woocommerce 8.0.3

– Fixed timeout handler for data transfer

– Remove console log

– Checkbox values properly parsed
– Dropdown selection fixed type
– Delayed data queue for sending data to visualization
– Input min / max validation before sending to visualization

– Initial release